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South Hokianga hosts an abundance of gorgeous scenic lookouts that are just an easy stroll from your car, whether expansive beach vistas, crystal clear lakes, dazzling waterfalls or endless views over untouched stretches of native forest.  Waimamaku offers a great mix of scenic opportunities - get your camera ready!


​Pokas Rd Early Miocene fossils, Waimamaku Far North E Excellent and easily accessible exposure of unique assemblage of transported shallow and in-situ deep water early Miocene fossils shed off the front of the Northland Allochthon. Only known exposure of Harnetts Formation rocks. Numerous well preserved fossil sharks teeth, solitary corals and deep-water foraminifera of Waitakian age within a small block of allochthon derived pebble conglomerates. The sequence is inferred to have accumulated in a deepwater channel on top or in front of the moving Allochthon and subsequently to have been incorporated into the top of it. In small bluff on south side of Pokas Rd and in farm road (locally known as Harnetts Track) cutting up east side of steep spur 0-100 m south of Poka Rd and 250 m east of junction with Tuoro Rd.

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